Adam Spencer

Founder and President of AbleDocs

Transforming the digital accessibility landscape

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As we become a more digital world, the time is now to ensure digital content is fully accessible. By embracing digital accessibility, you’re allowing everyone to engage with your content independently and let them know they are welcome.

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Founder of one of the fastest-growing digital accessibility companies in the world.

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Transforming the digital accessibility industry and opening the internet for people with disabilities.

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Promoting and advocating for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the digital space.

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The Visionary

A Digital Accessibility Leader

Adam Spencer, the President and CEO of the digital accessibility juggernaut AbleDocs, has been in the digital accessibility space for over a decade.

As one of the top international experts in PDF and PDF accessibility technologies, his journey in this space began with a simple request from his mom to help make something accessible for a colleague of hers.

From that simple request, Adam's careen trajectory was set. He knew access to information wasn't supposed to be a nice-to-have, but rather it was a human right. As a result, he's committed to reshaping both the PDF and web accessibility world, with a drive to make digital accessibility commonplace within everything organizations do.

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Adam in the News

From authoring articles to being quoted, Adam Spencer is a highly sought-after leader in the digital accessibility space.

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CIO Applications

“With a best-in-class technology and deep category expertise, we are here to guide at every step of the way in being compliant,” begins Spencer.

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The Silicone Review

Adam Spencer sat down with The Silicone Review to talk about how AbleDocs helps its clients at the outset of their digital accessibility journey through committed passion and excellence

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It is with tremendous pride that Adam Spencer, Founder and President (GLOBAL) of AbleDocs, wishes to spotlight the many ways in which his company fosters an inclusive online presence and facilitates access to critical information for those with disabilities.

Adam Spencer on the Accessibility of PDFs and Electronic Documents Opens in New Window

There’s a reason that people gravitate towards certain document types, such as PDF and Microsoft Word. For the majority of society, they are the most convenient file types. They are quick to produce, easy to print from, and simple to upload to websites or other platforms. However, the PDF or Word document in its most basic form aren’t quite as accessible as we think.