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Adam Spencer

About Adam

The President and CEO of AbleDocs, a company transforming the digital accessibility industry and landscape for people with disabilities.

Adam is recognized as one of the top international experts in PDF and PDF accessibility technologies. He's committed to reshaping the PDF accessibility industry through investment and development of new and exciting approaches to both document and web accessibility.

Adam's entry into the world of accessibility began in 2009, when his mother, a banker, requested his help in developing software that would help her staff that were blind to read their documents. Soon, he saw a great opportunity in developing even more software to help tear down barriers to information, and co-founded the company Accessibil-IT. It was a huge success, but after departing in 2018, Adam started AbleDocs, a world leader in digital accessibility products and services.

Before entering the accessibility sector, Adam went to university to study economics and politics with plans to become a lawyer. In his second year, he started a company with some friends to install wireless networking in student housing. This business venture lit an interest in software development that would define his career journey.

Adam has been an active member in the standards authoring community for eight years and continues to contribute to ISO 32000-1/2 and ISO 14289-1/2. He is also the Vice-Chair of the Standards Council of Canada for PDF and PDF Accessibility.

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Founder of one of the fastest-growing digital accessibility companies in the world.

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Transforming the digital accessibility industry and opening the internet for people with disabilities.

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Promoting and advocating for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the digital space.

A Leader in the Community

Adam’s passion for accessibility reaches far beyond AbleDocs. He’s constantly finding ways to be active in the community and educating others on the importance of accessibility.

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Adam has been featured in publications like:

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From authoring articles to being quoted, Adam Spencer is a highly sought-after leader in the digital accessibility space.

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“With a best-in-class technology and deep category expertise, we are here to guide at every step of the way in being compliant,” begins Spencer.