Adam Spencer is the  Founder and President of AbleDocs, a Canadian company out of Oakville, Ontario, that has transformed the industry of creating document accessibility on the internet for people with disabilities.  He went to university to study economics and politics with plans to become a lawyer.  In his second year of his schooling, Spencer started a company with some friends to install wireless networking in student housing.  It was a positive experience, and combined with the burgeoning field of computer technology, it lit an interest in software development that would define Spencer’s career journey.

His entry into the world of accessibility began in 2009, when his mother, a banker, requested his help in developing software that would help her staff that were blind to read their documents.  He soon saw a great opportunity in developing even more software to help in this goal, and co-founded the company Accessibil-IT. It was a huge success, but after departing in 2018, Spencer started AbleDocs and has rapidly grown his new company to an extent that has surprised everyone involved.