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From authoring articles to being quoted, Adam Spencer is a highly sought-after leader in the digital accessibility space.
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Adam Spencer Shares How You Can Become a Disability Advocate in Canada Opens in New Window

The number of people who have a disability in Canada is growing every year and comprises 22 percent of the total Canadian population. Therefore, it is crucial to be an advocate for accessibility rights so that everyone has the same opportunity to access the world around us.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Accessibility in Canada Opens in New Window

The COVID-19 pandemic has had tremendous effects on the entire Canadian population, but none more so than on those who experience disability. People with disabilities are not only more prone to contracting the disease, but they are also at serious risk of mental, social, and medical distress in the short- and long term.

How Adam Spencer Helps Documents Meet Accessibility Requirements Opens in New Window

Individuals with print disabilities may have a variety of challenges interacting with the visual world around them. Depending on their level of sight impairment, impaired vision can be life changing for people of all ages. Adam Spencer has worked with countless individuals with print disabilities to understand the unique challenges when trying to read and interact with digital content.

Adam Spencer Uses Alternative Methods to Gain SEO and Accessibility Opens in New Window

The internet can create a level playing field. By granting access to information for millions of people, the web is a major tool in personal and professional life. Adam Spencer, the Founder of AbleDocs, is transforming how individuals with print disabilities access information daily.

Hearing Words Is Only One Part of Screen Readability According to Adam Spencer Opens in New Window

The internet is full of visually stimulating content. Everything ranging from photographs to color-complimented logos can subliminally attract or repel a user. While much of marketing focuses on the visual imagery shown throughout the web, Adam Spencer concentrates on inclusivity.

AbleDocs Founder and PDF Accessibility Expert Adam Spencer Launches Thought Leadership Blog Opens in New Window

Adam Spencer, an acclaimed PDF accessibility expert and the Founder of Oakville, Ontario-headquartered AbleDocs, has launched a thought leadership blog.


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