Adam Spencer on the Accessibility of PDFs and Electronic Documents

There’s a reason that people gravitate towards certain document types, such as PDF and Microsoft Word. For the majority of society, they are the most convenient file types. They are quick to produce, easy to print from, and simple to upload to websites or other platforms. However, the PDF or Word document in its most basic form aren’t quite as accessible as we think. 

What is ADA Compliance and How Do I Make My Documents Conform to its Standards?

Inclusivity in all realms is becoming increasingly important, but especially so as it pertains to the internet, as the internet is something that nearly everyone uses. That is why there has been a growing call among companies and even governments all over the world to make ADA compliance a legal requirement, especially as it pertains to online documents and websites.

Adam Spencer, CEO of AbleDocs, Discusses Motivation and the Importance of Accessibility

The people. There isn’t anyone who gets into accessibility for just a job.  Everyone comes into this business with a story, an experience, a passion, and there’s a real sense of camaraderie even amongst competitors.  We can sit down and break bread and think about all the possibilities to pursue.  That collaborative spirit within accessibility is amazing.

IdeaMensch Interview with the CEO of AbleDocs

“My typical day starts at about 6am with a cup of tea. I go through the emails that have come in from our European offices and clients. Under COVID, I work from home on a headset connected to my Outlook Calendar and Microsoft Teams until around 7pm with various client engagements, sales meetings, and strategy sessions with our other teams around the world.”

How Document Accessibility Helps Organizations Reach All of Their Customers

In order to be successful, organizations must be inclusive. Most commonly, this includes providing products and services that satisfy various tastes and requirements. However, with technology prevalent in the lives of consumers around the world, it’s also important that businesses consider how the digital content they publish is consumed.

How You Can Make Your Documents, Website, and Videos User-Friendly for Those with Impairments

Navigating a website, reviewing a document, and watching videos online may seem like mundane tasks to most. However, for those with visual impairments, consuming digital information is not always easy. In fact, a person using a screen reader to consume digital information may find it nearly impossible to do so if the content does not utilize accessibility tools.

Canadian CEO Adam Spencer Launches a New Personal and Professional Website

Adam Spencer is pleased to announce the launch of his brand new personal and professional website.

Adam Spencer has an impressive entrepreneurial career and currently serves as the CEO and founder of AbleDocs in Oakville, Ontario. AbleDocs was founded in 2019 and is a rapidly growing global company dedicated to making digital document accessibility easy for people with disabilities.